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What is Mystopia?

Mystopia Foundation is a registered 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to building community and eliminating prejudice. We accomplish this through public performing arts events (dance, music, and art); participatory retreats, outdoor excursions, and educational programming that build cross-identity understanding and cohesion; and, by leveraging of our networks and assets to support other community-based charitable organizations.

Many -- but by no means all -- of these activities are organized around Burning Man, the yearly arts festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. With our formal 501c3 recognition in May 2023, we have begun expanding the scope of our activities to match our updated vision.

Joining Mystopia at Burning Man

Each year 80-100 individuals (Mystopians as we call them) volunteer their time and energy to not only build a temporary town amidst the larger Black Rock City, but also staff public events and givebacks.

While the application period for joining the placed camp at Burning Man 2023 is now over, we welcome everyone to join our events, whether as a participant or volunteer. Simply swing by and ask around an event lead or camp manager.

Support Mystopia

Every donation helps bridge communities, foster inclusion and amplify belonging. Donations can be directed to specific programs e.g. community dance events, arts & scholarships, or participatory retreats and excursions.

Next Event

Our next programming will be the production of events at Burning Man 2023. These givebacks include not only our misting tent, which provides welcome relief to thousands of individuals each year, but also public events and interactivity ranging from queer cabarets to family-focused ice cream socials. In all cases, inclusion is our goal.